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Textiles at UTS

Hi Everyone,

My name is Anna and I’m doing an exchange semester at the UTS. In today’s blog post, I’m sharing my experiences of studying Textiles at UTS. I choose the subjects Textiles Surface Form and Textiles Print.

Textiles: Surface Form

In general, the aim of the course was to explore and challenge the surface structure of textiles using different techniques and different fabrics. We explored the potential of various fabric manipulation and surface treatments. For this purpose, we used thermoplastic material and shaped it into different forms creating own own designs. Each week, we have been introduced to a new technique. Some samples were also dyed using sublimation print. Further projects consist of learning several knitting techniques and creating a neck piece.

Left Photo: Textiles Workshop Building 4, UTS

Right Photo: Samples (Textiles: Surface Form)

Textiles: Print

This course is all about hand screen printing and heat transfer techniques. We had to design a unique Subversive Floral print after researching various drawing techniques and textile stories. The first part of this course was therefore very creative, which was quite challenging when you come from a technical background. After we got our screens exposed we started printing. We made repeat prints, printed in different colorways and explored the potential of our screen by using novelty print pastes (metallic, foil, puff) and techniques such as multi layering, half drop or split fountain.

Left Photo: Repeat Printing

Right Photo: Experimental Printing

During the semester, we made an excursion to the printing studio Aisle6ix. Shannon McKinnon (owner of the company) showed us his studio and told everything about screen printing and printing pastes and his story of how he started and the challenges he is facing.

Both courses were practically orientated and consist of the weekly three hour workshops. Even though both subjects are different to what I study back in Germany, I really enjoyed exploring the diversity of textiles and learning new techniques.

Anna Doersam

Fashion and Textiles Technology

University of Applied Science Berlin, Germany

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