Stay Overnight in the Blue Mountains!

You have to visit the stunning blue mountains as an exchange student in Sydney. I know you heard this many times from people in Sydney. However, most of the people make a day trip and see the crowded tourist spots in Katoomba only. But if you’re interested in more adventures, why not take the train, go for a hike and camp on a remote campground?

First of all, I have to admit when we left in a group of 6 people in the morning, the first destination was Katoomba to see the Three Sisters. There are many spots worth seeing and I’d recommend spending some time there. However, after three or four hours you're ready to start the hike and explore nature!

The hike begins in Wentworth Falls which is two stations behind Katoomba towards Sydney. From there, we made our way into the Blue Mountains heading to a campsite called Ingar Campground. There is an official road to the campground which is closed for construction works (in June 2018). Walking on this unsealed road in the middle of a dense and remote forest took us approximately 3 hours and was impressive.

When we finally reached the campground after an exhausting day, it was already dark so we couldn’t see where we ended up. However, the impressions on the next day were even more stunning. As you can see on the attached pictures, next to the campground is a cozy pool with small waterfalls and the sides. Further, the campground was practically empty because cars cannot reach it (construction works as mentioned). Thus, it ’s used by hikers only.

After a short night in the tent, we spent a few hours at the campground, jumped into the water from a small cliff and had a little bbq. Afterwards, we started our way back to the nearest train station. Since we didn’t want to take the same way on return, we decided to hike the Bedford creek trail and get on the train at Woodford.

The trip was a remarkable and exhausting trip (35 kilometres of hiking in 2 days). Take a look at this Google Map for the whole journey. I would recommend this trip to everyone and if you can, stay even longer and explore more remote spots in the blue mountains!

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