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Ryohei in #TakeOverTuesday


Ryohei Otsuki

Tokyo, Japan

Home University and Country

Chuo University, Tokyo, Japan


English (at UTS) and Law (at home Uni)

Favourite Place in the World


My name is Ryohei and I am from Japan! My home university is Chuo University which is located in Tokyo. I am currently studying English at the UTS but I major in Law in my home university. The reason why I am studying English is that English is a tool to communicate with foreign people. Australia is great spot to live and to study and is also one of my favourite country so I am so glad to be in Australia!

A Typical Day

I usually get up at 8 o’clock, eat breakfast, brush my teeth, prepare for school and go to a class. After taking the class for three hours, I hang out with my friend around the city on a regular basis and I start to do some assignment after coming back my house.

When I'm not studying you'll most likely find me...

At the gym working out, eating food, sleeping, walking around the Sydney and playing some sports like basketball and football.

My favourite thing about my experience abroad so far...

Is to make new friends whom I must not be seeing in our countries and to go on a domestic trip in Australia because it is difficult for us to go around some city in Australia if we are in our each countries.

Something I want to tick off my bucket list

Before I leave Australia, I want to speak English more fluent than at the present, work in a local shop, go to the Uluru and different cities such as Brisbane and Perth!!

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