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Say Cheese

The UTS campus and nearby area is pretty much a hurdle of cool photo opportunities, so be sure to check them out!

A few of my favourite sports around campus include:

Building 11


This building is cool both on the inside and outside. It looks like a large metal cage, and is the one place around campus where you can always find an available spot. It is often called the "cheese grater" because of the way it's shaped. It is also open 24 hours, making it convenient if you have to stay late at uni. Be sure to check out the interesting architecture inside!

My favourite thing about this building is the green lights that turn on at night! It produces it's own energy and is full of power-saving initiatives, which should be a goal for all large buildings alike.

Building 8


This is the building where I spend most of my time at and by far my favourite building architecture wise. It is also a chill place to study and hang out between lectures. The lecture hall for master students is really cool. And the building is covered in mirrors! Even the stairs are made up of mirror-like material, so you can see yourself in all types of forms and shapes when walking around.

Building 1


Now this building is not too special in terms of looks, but my favourite part about it is all the free food events that take place in it! On Thursdays you can get free noodle soup from 5 pm, which is definitely something you do not want to miss. They also serve breakfast there on some days, and host a few other events from time to time so paying attention to the events calendar comes in handy (especially if you are on a student budget). This is also the main building where the UTS International office is located as well as the marketplace food court.

Alumni Lawn


The ultimate place to hang in the warm weather! This little gem in the middle of the campus (right at the back of building 1) is shaded from the wind, and the ultimate spot to hang out when the sun is peaking out and you're stuck at uni. And there are plenty of free food events hosted here as well, so don't miss out!

Karoline Sundbotten

International Marketing


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