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My Study Abroad

I am currently in my Bachelor degree "Business Communications" at HWZ in Zurich, Switzerland. I was delighted to learn that my university offers the opportunity to do a study abroad semester at another university around the world. My next destination needed to be Australia to improve my English language skills and to experience a multi-cultural environment amongst international students. University of Technology Sydney appealed very much to me because of the courses and the location and is known to have a very high quality of education.

My semester is almost over and I regret nothing. I had a great stay, met so many lovely people and enjoyed the Australian weather.

Since I only have 12 hours school per week, I had and have enough spare time to visit other places, and of course discover Sydney.The welcome events were great to get in touch with other students. Almost compulsory is the Bondi-to-Coogee-Walk (see picture).

I wish my semester would not end so soon and I could stay a bit longer. Nevertheless I am thankful for what I experienced and can only recommend to everybody; study at UTS!

Simon Fankhauser, Switzerland

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