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New Adventure in UTS!!

こんにちは! Hallo everyone!

My name is Seido Izawa and I’m from Tokyo, Japan. I am currently an exchange student at UTS majoring business. Since it was my first time to study in another country, I was really afraid to leave Japan. But I didn’t have to worry because there were actually plenty of events and courses in UTS to support international students like me. So, now I will share my exciting experience so far living in Sydney!


I am currently living in UTS Housing. There are four buildings in housing and I live in Gumal Ngurang- which is one of them. It is located in the central area of Sydney and is a 5-minutes walk from UTS. Gumal Ngurang is the second biggest housing in UTS. It has 9 floors along with a beautiful rooftop. During the weekend, many residents go up to the rooftop so I can make a lot of friends through there. I live in a 4-bedroom flat with 3 other students from different countries. I usually spend most of my time with my flatmates unless I have classes. We enjoy Sydney’s nightlife together. Sometimes I even cook Japanese food for them and they also cook their country’s cuisines for me. I used to be unfamiliar with Indian food because I hate spicy food but my Indian flatmate made me try butter chicken. I tried it and it instantly became one of my favourite dishes. Since my flatmates and I are always together, it doesn’t seem like we met just 2 months ago but it seems like they are my old friends.


UTS Housing also provides a lot of sports, social and academic events. I attend many of these events such as social football. One of my favourite events is when they give free food such as delicious pizza. I’m not really good at cooking so these free food events are great for me. One of the big events that happen every year is the Annual Housing Dinner. Here, all residents are invited to enjoy a free three-course meal (valued at 75 dollars!) and dress up to enjoy the night. During the dinner, there are band and DJ performances along with a dance afterparty.


There are a lot of clubs and societies in UTS and I am a part of the UTS Football Club. Playing for the UTS Football Club is so competitive but super fun. Through playing sports I made a lot of new friends especially since I meet my teammates at least twice a week for training. After training, we tend to enjoy a good night of drinking. And through this they became one of my best friends in Sydney now. So, I would strongly recommend you to join some clubs to have fun and make friends!

Overall, I would recommend to come to study in UTS!!!

Seido Izawa


Meiji University, Japan

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