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My First Team Triathlon

The Dream Team

Arriving at the finish line 87th of 277 other teams was a pretty good feeling despite the fact that we only had 2 weeks to train for our leg of the race.

I'm the guy kneeling with the red hot tomato face as this picture was taken shortly after I finished my 10k. The guy on the floor doing the playboy stance is Harrison our swimmer and the guy standing up is Craig, our biker. Craig and I had met each other through UTS Housing during a day trip but if you had told us that we would be doing a team triathlon 13 hrs from Sydney the day before school started, we would have looked at each other and laughed.

How did I get to do a team triathlon?

Thanks to how good UTS is about getting their students involved, I didn't have to look far to get involved. Craig and I knew that before Uni and all its craziness starts, that we should stop bye the UTS Sports department to get more information on the activities here. One morning, on our way to the gym, we stopped by the sports office and in a matter of only two minutes, the friendly reps had us signed up for the Team Triathlon. They are so good at getting students out and involved that we just so happened to walk in at a perfect time. They were looking for two guys to complete the last spots for the dream team you see above. Turned out that Harrison swam for most of his life so he could tackle the 1.5k swim for a quick evening snack. Craig played rugby so he naturally had strong legs which suited him well for the 40k bike ride. And as for me, I played soccer for as long as I could remember so I had the cardio down from the gecko.

What did I have to pay for?

Absolutely nothing. Half the crew drove up the east coast in school minivans that were a little tight but luckily had AC and decent leg room, while the others chose to fly (flying came out of your own pocket and wasn't as fun). Gas was fully funded by the Uni and we stayed in a very modern AirBNB that had 5 rooms, swimming pool and was 3 stories high for two nights... for free.

The Cram Van

The Squad

This was a race for all shapes and sizes. Most of the UTS students involved didn't participate in the team triathlon like I did, but instead, they did the full triathlon and competed against other participants of their own age. Triathlons have always caught my interest and I am very happy that I was able at the very least, participate in such an incredible multi-sport activity. I like new challenges and know for a fact, that doing an entire triathlon would be a great goal for me to set. I am truly grateful for the experience UTS Sport was able to offer me. It was an amazing way for me to meet like minded people, visit a new city in Australia and set my mind right for school the following day.


It went a little like this...

Harrison racing back from the swim

Craig utterly defeated

And me, sprinting through the last 400m


You can't control what life slams right in front of you, i'm just glad I went full speed and smashed right into it. Do as much as You can.

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