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UTS: The Best Uni for Your Exchange life

Hello, I’m from Seoul, Korea and I’m studying Biology in UTS as an undergraduate exchange student. My home uni is Sogang University located in Seoul as well. I decided to study in UTS for my 5th semester because Sydney was one of my dream cities and I heard UTS is very famous university in Australia. I can say my choice was perfect because I’m having a lot of fun in here now. I want to share my experiences in UTS and tips how to enjoy your UTS life 100 percent. After reading my story you’ll be definitely want to be one of UTS student. Please follow me! :)

First, choose UTS Housing for your accommodation. Heaps of exciting events are held almost every day, and by participating them you can make a lot of friends from all around the world. Australian, Indonesian, French, Chinese, German friends… can’t count all. Meeting new friends from different countries always exciting, isn’t it? And having party at Yura rooftop, it is always gorgeous. Yura is the name of one of the UTS housing building and it has a great place on level 21 for holding a party. With such a nice view, I can hang out with my friends until late night. Everyone in rooftop can be your friend whether they met you for the first time or not.

Second, travel around Sydney using train or bus. UTS is located in the middle of the city, so it is really easy to use transportation. Only 1 minute walk to Central station. With train, you can go Bondi beach, Manly beach, Circular Quay, even Blue mountains… I don’t have a driver’s license but I could travel everywhere in Sydney thanks to convenient public transportation. If you like surfing, Manly will be your favorite place to go. At Circular Quay, you can take a walk with your lover in front of the beautiful wharf and have a glass of cocktail at the bar. Sounds romantic, huh?

At last, you can utilize top quality laboratory equipment and convenient university facilities. I was really surprised when I visited Superlab for the first time. All of the students in there used each of their desktop and heard lecture through headphones, being helped to concentrate better on the practical. In addition, much enough chemicals, vortex, spectrometer, micro pipettes were prepared in the laboratory. In addition, UTS Library and UTS Hub provided comfortable place to study or having group work. A lot or PCs prepared in library, Tower building, hub were very impressive. It helped me a lot to access my study materials at any time.​​

Doesn't it sound fascinating? If you choose UTS for your host university, or your home university ;) , all of these stories can be YOURS. Hope to see you guys in UTS and sharing these wonderful experiences with you. Thanks!

Emily Yoon


Sogang University, Seoul, Korea

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