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Anne in #TakeOverTuesday

G’Day mates! My name is Anne. In this #TakeOverTuesday I’m sharing my experience while studying abroad at UTS with you.

Home University and Country: Leuphana University, Germany

Studying: Human Resource Management


Favourite Place in The World:

I have already traveled to many countries and seen some beautiful places, so it’s a difficult question. But I was particularly impressed by New Zealand's beauty and diversity. Nowhere else could I go hiking in the mountains, visit a glacier and watch the sunset on the beach in one day.

Why I chose UTS for Study Abroad:

Because I love nature and like to see great landscapes, I always wanted to go to Australia. When I decided to spend a semester abroad, I did not have to think long where I wanted to go. I chose the UTS because it offers many subjects in human resource management which interest me. Besides, I wanted to live in the heart of Sydney, which is for me one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

A typical day in my life:

I usually go to bed after midnight, so I get up late in the morning. I normally start my day with a shower. Afterwards I eat breakfast and like to walk around or sit in the park. From afternoon to evening I have classes which are all within close proximity, so I'll be there in a few minutes.

When I’m not studying you’ll most likely find me:

When the weather is nice, I love to spend my free time outside. I like the beach and Sydney has quite a lot of them. On Sunday I like to go on a day trip in the surrounding area because you can use the public transport for $2.60 all day. For example, one Sunday I made a day trip to the Blue Mountains.

My favourite thing about my experience abroad so far:

The favourite thing about my experience abroad so far, I think, are the people who are very friendly, helpful and easygoing. I have met students from so many different parts of the world and it is so interesting to get to know people from different countries who speak different languages and have different backgrounds.

Something I want to tick off my bucket list:

I want to travel a lot during my time in Australia. There are so many places I want to see and would like to tick off my bucket list. Definitely, I would like to do a trip to the Great Barrier Reef and visit the Whitsundays for a long weekend.


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