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Anna in #TakeOverTuesday


Anna Cruz

New Jersey, USA

Hi everyone! I'm Anna, your UTS study abroad ambassador for this Autumn session and I am thrilled to share my study abroad adventures with you all :)

Home University and Country

The College of New Jersey (USA)


Mechanical Engineering

Favorite Place in the World



A Typical Day

I usually start my day pretty early since a lot of my classes are in the morning. The mornings are also the best time to call my family and friends back home since it is their dinner time so I try spending a couple minutes face-timing them while I get ready for my day.

After taking my morning shower I head straight to campus, a 10-15 minute walk from my apartment, and start my day of lectures and labs. On the days I work at the UTS International office, I usually stop by the cornerstone cafe to grab a quick bite or coffee.

Towards the end of my day, I cook myself dinner, watch TV, catch up on homework, and play music and guitar with my friends.

When I'm not studying you'll most likely find me...

Walking around, talking to a camera, and taking pictures of everything I eat. I love to VLOG (video blogging). Before coming to Sydney, I created my own YouTube channel to start documenting my travels and experiences especially during my time abroad.

One of my most favourite vlogs to film and edit was my weekend trip to Jervis Bay, click the video on the right to see it! There are some awesome drone footage from my friend Jenna.

And because I am HUGE foodie, you will also most definitely catch me hopping from one restaurant to another.

I love eating out and trying all kinds of foods from different cultures. I have my own Instagram account dedicated to all the food I eat (@cruzcravings). I try to keep updated with all the food festivals happening around the area as well as free food around the UTS campus.

My favourite thing about my experience abroad so far...

The PEOPLE. I've lived in the same town for about 19 years in the suburbs of Jersey. Studying abroad really broadened my view of the world and helped me meet different types of people every day. I am thankful for even having the opportunity to experience the office work life here in Sydney with the job I have as the ambassador.

Something I want to tick off my bucket list

Any extreme sports and activities in New Zealand. My mid-session study vacation is currently about 2 weeks away and I have already confirmed my plane tickets to New Zealand. I'm hoping to see if I can check this off my bucket list while I am there!

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