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Americans Try Australian Snacks

Being a foodie traveling to Australia for the first time, I knew I needed to try all the popular Australian snacks I could find. When I first moved into my student accommodation here in Sydney, I was given a small pack of Vegemite in my apartment and I thought to myself, I really am in Australia.

The first thing I did after settling into my apartment that day was go grocery shopping with my roommates. I went ahead and bought all the Australian snacks I had listed on my phone. I bought the famous Tim Tams in it's original flavor, TeeVee snacks, cheese Twisties, meat pie flavored Pringles, Lamington Fingers, a turkish delish chocolate bar, and a Crunchie bar.

I told myself I had to hold back from eating all these treats so I can film my reactions to trying them all for the first time. Unfortunately that did not happen with the Lamington fingers (not pictured) because the first barbie (barbeque) I went too had them and I couldn't help but dig in. I had about 6 pieces of them that day.

I've put together a video of me and 3 other UTS study abroad students Jenna, Jonathan, and Haley who I met through the International Studies Abroad (ISA) trying the other snacks I purchased and recorded our reactions to them.

We had a lot of fun filming this video! I look forward to trying more unique Australian snacks out there and definitely recommend other international students to do so as well. You'll never know if you love them or hate them until you try them!

Anna Cruz (UTS Study Abroad Communications Ambassador, Autumn Session 2018)

Mechanical Engineering

The College of New Jersey, USA

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