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Foodies Guide to Sydney

Hey I am Marc and I am an Architecture student from Hamburg Germany. I study at the UTS for an exchange of one semester. Running through all those recent blogposts I thought it might be fun to share my favorite food spots in Sydney as there are heaps of options in town. Before I came to Australia I already knew that there are epic places regarding to extraordinary food. So during my whole stay in Sydney I went to various restaurants to get a well sorted opinon with my favorite spots in town.

As I am living a plantbased lifestyle most of these place will include a lot of vegan options or are vegan only restaurants, anyway I highly recommend to try some of the spots and get confused by the taste and effort these restaurants put in their dishes.


One of my favorite places in Bondi is of course Speedos Cafe. It is located directly to the beach and has a wide variety of options on the menu. They really do care a lot about how the colorful and tasty food looks and how it is presented. So far I would probably recommend any item which is on the menu card but one of my favorites are the pancakes. If you want to stretch the dollar and don’t care about the plating I highly recommend to have a takeaway which mostly ends up being 5 to 6 dollar cheaper.

@Speedos (Image via Instagram @marcritz)


Close to Speedos there is also a Raw Pressed Juice place I fell in love with called Orchard St. in Wairoa Ave. Not only have I fallen in love with the cosy and comfortable interior which is great to relax after a long day of studying or even a hectic hot beach day, but also their nourishing drinks and juices hit the spot. As they provide organic products, ayurvedic herbs and superfoods their stuff can be quite pricey, but a visit there to calm your mind is definitely needed.

@orchardstreet (Image via Instagram @marcritz)


Talking about Bondi I highly recommend visiting Funky Pies in Glenayr Ave cause Aussies love a good pie. Just a walk down the road you will also find Sabbaba in Hall Street. One of my easy convinient to go food places or taking international food at home.

If you’re feeling like having something refreshing during the hot summer days definetely go to My Fruitologist located in Bondi Road before heading to the beach. Their Acai Bowls are filled with fruity goodness and the price (around 12 to 15 dollars) is more than fair for such a big portion of loaded Fruityness. But attention during the hot weekends this place is crowded and people stand in line to get one of their takeaway Bowls.

@myfruitologist (Image via Instagram @lovelightandbananas)


Another great spot directly located at UTS university in the so called Spice Alley is Concrete Jungle. I loved to go there if I wanted to treat myself with good food during a long break between classes. One of their most popular dishes is the Blue Majik Bowl which looks like a turquoise ocean wave loaded with edible flowers blueberries and Granola. Talking about fresh Bowlfood, I highly recommend ordering one of their green Salad Bowls with pink hummus and Falafels. Moreover the interior of this place is pretty chique and filled with modern aesthetics. Mentioning restaurants close to university I just advise you strolling around China Town. The food there is amazing and as well budget friendly for us students.

@concretejunglet (Image via Instagram @marcritz)


A 20 minute walk away from university is the area of Glebe. Another beautiful area to catch up with friends having drinks and eating some good food. My favorite place over there is Soulburger which is located in Glebe Point Rd. It is a 100 % Vegan Place serving great tasting Fakemeat Burgers, epic fries with various dipping Sauces and rich Coconut Milkshakes which reminded me of the ones I used to get at McDonalds. You will feel like you’re eating in an American Diner enjoying epic Fast Food. When you are around the area give The Source Bulkfoods a visit and stock up on some healthy snacks to keep your brain working during the final weeks of assignments.

@soulburgerau (Image via Instagram @positivityna)


Newtown in my opinion is my to go spot when it comes to eating out for dinner with friends. Not only am I obsessed with the vibes and the different people walking around that area, but also the restaurants and bars are more than great. If you are a pizza lover, you should check out Gigis Pizzeria. They changed their menu a year ago to a plant based italian restaurant and the weirdest thing is you can’t even taste the difference while eating their self made parmesan or ricotta to the original product. Make sure to order one of their signature cocktails and the calzone, but any of their pizzas are more than recommended to order. If there is still room in your tummy order the tiramisu and share it with your friends.

@gigipizzeria (Image via Instagram @gigipizzeria)


Talking about great food I am about to mention my favorite all time Sydney food spot now. Cant count how often I’ve been to Golden Lotus in Newton so far just because the Vietnamese food is made with fresh ingredients lots of spices and not with nasties. The staff is more than friendly and even the hectic surrounding and loud conversations gives me everything to feel happy. This place is always crowded on the weekends that is why I would recommend to book a table when you are about to come with more than 3 people. Make sure to try the Miso Eggplant Clay Pot, the Pho or Laksa during the cold winter season and try the vegan duck in plum sauce which is utterly divine. To flush everything down order the best coconut juice I ever had or the warm soy latte which tastes like a warm hug.

After all that goodness we usually do sweet. That is why we have a little walk down the street to catch up at a Gelato Place called Gelato Blue. Any ice cream flavor is more than recommended and even the staff is more than willing to give you testimonials if you’re unable to cope with the variety. They do change some of their flavors continuously therefore its always a surprise to come by.

@gelatoblue (Image via Instagram @gelatoblue)



Well first I really had been amazed how outgoing friendly and easy going most people over here in Australia are. In my opinion they have a different mindset and they really are interested in what your doing. I think a lot of foreign people especially bred in Europe can learn from. I feel its completely different in Germany where most of the people tend to be more close to their friends and groups and ignore you in a kind of way.

So I feel its easier to get in touch with new people and hang out with them for any kind of activity.


As I wanted to include as much favorite spots as possible to this blogpost I already been to Whitsunday Island and Fraser Island. Two great places you have to go to. Besides I highly recommend travelling to Cairns and do some snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef. Also I would take advantage travelling to Bali for a week or two cause it is so pretty close and flights as well as living costs over there are quite cheap. Places I am looking forward to visit are Melbourne, Byron Bay and New Zealand if I still got enough budget left.

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