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Hi!! I am Maud and I come from Paris. I decided to study at The University of Technology Sydney (UTS) to finish the third year of my Bachelor degree.

I got the chance to choose a destination abroad from among 150 partnership universities with my Business School in Paris. As I have already well explored Europe and had been to the United States twice, I wanted to explore another country far from my native one.

Besides, I received excellent feedback from my friends and relatives who had been to Australia and especially about Sydney. I also realised this country offered so many opportunities, uniqueness and beauty. What is more, it provided the opportunity to improve my English and study at the youngest best university in Australia.

I came with two friends from my Business School in the middle of July, as the Orientation Week started on the 24th.

I had to first manage lots of administration, especially finding a flat. When I arrived, the weather was not so great as it was winter. Unfortunately, I quickly got sick at the start which was annoying as it affected all the things that we had to handle. However, I immediately thought that Sydney was a fantastic city and very different to what I am used to in France. With my friends, we were very excited to discover a different environment and a new culture, and we were not disappointed at all. Indeed, we met very kind and helpful people the first weeks which enabled us to follow useful advice.

Sydney city is composed of several areas with a distinct atmosphere and architectural style. In this manner, it is caters for many people, as well as, for their expectations. As I am also from a big city, I love the fact that Sydney offers so many alternative choices and shows a lot of dynamism. What is impressive is that Sydney combines several landscapes which makes it an authentic global and trendy city. In fact, you have easy access to different types of beaches by only taking the train or the ferry (which is very convenient). Also impressive and noticeable is that people are very active and sporty. A lot of them mostly walk and practice different sports. The city promotes a very dynamic lifestyle and provides support in order to create this atmosphere.

If I had to outline small reservations, it would be firstly, the cost of living, and secondly, the food. Indeed, Sydney is one of the most expensive cities in the world. It is particularly true for the education, the transport, and the real estate. Nonetheless, as salaries are high compared to other cities in the world, it counterbalances the living expenses. Regarding food, I think it misses a couple of favourite items that I am used to eating in France, but as it is another culture, I have just changed some of my habits.

Sydney is overflowing diverse and beautiful landscapes. You will see below some lovely primary places in Sydney that everyone visits at the beginning.

Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach is one of the most popular beaches and the closest to the city. There are many bars and coffees to explore as you admire the view and the urban, chilled vibe. Lots of surfers can quickly benefit from good waves, or people can even relax and swim in the Icebergs Pool.

Bondi-Coogee Beach Walk

For those who like walking and contemplating beautiful landscapes at the same time, this walk is the perfect one. There are many viewpoints to take photos and several choices of beaches to enjoy.

Watsons Bay

Watsons Bay is a charming small village well-known as the home of the first Doyle’s Restaurant.

Morisset Park

This is the finest place to see kangaroos in complete freedom and ideal for a walk and a good picnic. You also have the right to feed and touch them without difficulty.

Circular Quay

Circular Quay is an inescapable tourist area . Located between the business district and The Rocks, it embraces iconic monuments, renowned and attractive restaurants.

Maud Sakam

Paris School of Business, France

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