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Marius in #TakeOverTuesday


Marius Ekland



Hellå, I’m Marius and I will be sharing with you my experience studying abroad in UTS.

Home University and Country

BI Business school, Norway


International marketing

Favourite place in the world

The mountains


A typical day in my role

A typical day in my (new) life starts with breakfast and a cup of black gold on the balcony with the morning sun in my eyes. From here it can go many ways, city-exploring, surfing on the beach, rock-climbing, or just a chill day in the park. I come from a small place in Norway, so to move to a city with almost as many inhabitants as my entire country is a unique opportunity! I love new experiences, and Sydney has definitely given me a great experience so far, and much more to come.

When I’m not studying you’ll most likely find me.....

At the beach! I come from Norway’s west-coast, which has some great surfing beaches (although it’s very cold). So, I have been surfing for a few years, and would love to continue here in Australia.

I also love rock climbing, both at an indoor climbing gym, bouldering short walls, or climbing high walls. I look forward to exploring the different challenges and beautiful nature Sydney has to offer when it comes to rock climbing. Other than that, you will find me in the local gym several days a week, or maybe at the casino rocking one of the poker-tables.

My favourite thing about my experience abroad so far

The number one thing for sure, are the people. It’s amazing how easy-going, kind and interesting most people I meet in Australia are. People with completely different mindsets, and thought processes than you, which I feel like I can learn a lot from. This is completely different from Norway where most people just keep to themselves and are almost afraid to say "Hi!".

Something I want to tick off my bucket list

My bucket-list for Australia is huge (and keeps on getting bigger!); Blue Mountains, Hamilton Island/Airlie Beach, Byron Bay, Gold Coast, Melbourne, and Great Barrier Reef, to name a few. Also, me and my buddies will use the long summer vacation to do a backpacking trip to Asia visiting around 7 different countries over a 4-week period. It's going to be an amazing experience!

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