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And the winner is...

Hey everyone!

First of all thanks to everyone who submitted photos for the UTS Study Abroad Photo Competition. We had some amazing pictures and captions that showed exactly what studying abroad at UTS, in Sydney and Australia, is like.

And we now present to you our two winners.......



MCI Innsbruck, Austria

When your hair is on point! Made it into the daily mail for looking tired but satisfied after another great surf at Bondi.

"This woman came well-prepared for the good surfing conditions, clad in a flattering wetsuit with her surfboard attached to her ankle."

Congratulations Lulu for getting the most likes and winning a UTS gift pack.



Universität Mannheim, Germany

"The Festival of the Winds is beautiful. Hundreds of kites, all shapes and sizes, all of them are different. What makes it so stunning is the diversity, each individual kite adds up to create the colourful whole. Individuality and diversity are embraced, because they make everything better for everyone.

To me, this is Sydney in a nutshell. Never have I been in a city where so many cultures and ethnicities come together to create such a unique vibe. As a European (Germany) I think it is stunning how a place with a Western culture still feels so exotic and exciting to me. But it is not only the most vibrant and multicultural, but also most accepting city I've ever visited.

It's what makes my studying experience in Sydney so unique. Each conversation I have is different and no other place in the world could have connected me with so many different people in such a casual way. It's been a great experience to challenge my way of thinking by getting to know so many new perspectives and learning about different cultures.

Choosing Sydney and UTS for my Semester abroad has been the best choice I could have made."

Congratulations Ines Sophie on winning the Port Stephen's Dolphin Watching Tour, sponsored by Student Uni Travel!

Keep sharing your experiences by tagging us on Instagram! @utsstudyabroad #utsstudyabroad

Also, keep an eye for our next competitions!

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