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Cameron in #TakeOverTuesday


Cameron Baxley

California, USA


Hi there! My name is Cameron Baxley and I am TAKING OVER this fabulous Tuesday to tell you about myself and my grand adventures here at UTS.

Home University and Country

My home university is Sacramento State University in California, USA. Go Hornets!


Currently studying Business Management. (The fun part of Business)

Favourite place in the world

My favourite place in the world is a place called Henry Cowell National Park. Home of some of the largest Redwood Trees in America!


A typical day

My typical day would consist of my daily meditation routine, followed by getting those gains at the gym, and then going to Uni. Maintaining my spirituality is very important to me, so this is a well-kept morning routine of mine.

I love cooking, so I often am in the kitchen cooking up my meal preps for the day or for the next day. To end the day, I will read or watch a movie on Netflix. Might I add, that the Netflix in Australia is much better than the Netflix in America, so that is a bonus!

When I’m not studying you’ll most likely find me

When I am not studying, you could find me in one of the common areas reading personal development books to spark creativity for my own personal blog that I have. I run my own blog online called: The Thought Garden. Check it out sometime!

On a side note, if I am not reading you’ll most likely find me at the Rooftop at Yura Mundang housing. I’m sure most of you have seen me up there on Friday/Saturday nights.

My favourite thing about my experience abroad so far

This one is hard to pick because I have had so many amazing experiences so far. However, one that was for the books was my Sky Diving experience in Newcastle. This was the most exhilarating activity I have ever done and yearn to do it again! ;-)

Something I want to tick off my bucket list

Something I would like to tick off my bucket list would be to scuba dive at the Great Barrier Reef. I love adventurous activities and this would suite me well. Diving into the depths of the unknown has always intrigued me, so this is an activity I would love to tick off my bucket list.

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