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How to start your Study Abroad adventure

I can hardly believe, but a look on my calendar confirms it; the first month here in Sydney has already passed. I still don’t know what's the best way to do things after arriving in a city, that is almost 17.000 km away from your home, the first time without knowing anything or anybody. But I can tell you a few things I’ve done that might make it easier for you.

Probably the most important thing is accommodation. Some of you might be adventurous and will start looking for an apartment or room after arriving, but the safest way is applying to UTS:Housing and pick the type of accommodation you prefer.

Depending on what type you choose it might not be the cheapest way to life in Sydney but it has many advantages. You live very close or even at the campus, so you don’t waste time in trains and buses to get to the university and you can attend all the events organised by the UTS:Housing team. Especially during the first weeks, these are the best way to meet fellow students and you won’t feel lost or lonely.

View from Taronga Zoo

But Housing events won’t fill every hour and day of your week. Just start discovering Sydney either on your own or with some people you’ll surely meet here. Of course, the first places to visit will be the Opera House or some of the famous beaches around Sydney, like Manly beach or Bondi beach. But Sydney doesn’t only consist of the CBD and beaches that every tourist visits. There is much more to discover!

Get on the bus and discover Little Italy in Leichhardt or take the train to Parramatta and enjoy a walk along the Parramatta River. But also, don’t forget to put Taronga Zoo and Cockatoo Island on your list of places to visit. Both give you a beautiful view of the CBD, including Harbour Bridge and Opera House.

CBD as seen from Cockatoo Island

And because all the sightseeing makes one hungry, don’t forget to experience Sydney’s food diversity. Stop at Chinatown for a typical Chinese lunch, enjoy wood-fired pizza while discovering Leichhardt and don’t forget to try Kangaroo, for example as a burger.

But keep in mind! As soon as the lectures start and you set your daily routine, the weeks start passing by and the more your discover, the more you realise what you still need to discover!

Enjoy tasty food, for example a Kangaroo Burger

Florian Walcher


Management Center Innsbruck (MCI), Austria

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