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Semester highlights

Hey Guys, the semester is done and this is my last post as the Study Abroad Communications Ambassador. I want to share my favourite activities that I did while studying here in Sydney.



Walking from anywhere in the CBD to the Sydney Opera House, going to the botanical gardens and sitting on Mrs Macquarie's Chair.

Walking around Hyde Park and it's surroundings and entering the St Mary's Cathedral which is pretty nice (just be quiet inside).

Going out to The Establishment and The Ivy.

Favourite place to have lunch is Bar Lucca, which has the best burger I've had.

The Rocks

This place is great, what I liked the most of going there was The Rocks Market and Pancakes on the Rocks (which is open 24 hours a day). Walking around there felt like being in a little old town.

I would recommend to walk from the rocks to Luna Park by crossing the Harbour Bridge walking.

Surry Hills

Walking around Crown Street, having lunch on Devon Street and going out to the Soda Factory (it's not only hot dogs).

Coogee Beach

Walking from Bondi to Coogee is the best. If you get tired you just need to relax at any beach you like. My favourite one is Tamarama, I really liked having lunch in the Coogee Pavilion which has great food (pizza is the best). It was also really nice to go to the Coogee Pavilion Rooftop at night to get some drinks, The view is the best.

Manly Beach

This was one of my favourite places to go. My favourite part of it was getting on the Manly ferry, obviously in the front so I could get the perfect picture of the Opera House.

It was an experience having a BBQ in Shelly Beach. The food is great here and I would recommend having lunch in the Papichulo, The Manly Wharf Hotel or Daniel San Restaurant.

Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach is always extremely crowded in the summer but it's still fun to see so many people. Swimming in the Iceberg pools, walking around Hall Street or Campbell Parade if you want some souvenirs.

There are plenty of restaurants to have lunch, they are all good and you can have an Anita Ice Cream which is definitely the best ice cream I've ever had (trust me).

If you want to go out in the night The Beach Road Hotel and The Bucket list Bar will guarantee a fun night.

Palm Beach

If you want a good hike and a insta-worthy view you should definitely go to Palm Beach. I would also recommend to go to Newport Arms Hotel to have lunch or dinner, if you have enough time, because it's a two hour bus ride to get there from CBD.

Shark Beach

I enjoyed walking around Nielsen Park and then cliff jumping on Shark bay Cliffs while enjoying the sunset. However, take note of this WARNING: Walking on the cliff edge or jumping is dangerous and serious injuries may occur.

Watsons Bay

I enjoyed walking from Watsons Bay to Hornby Lighthouse and having lunch in Watsons Bay Hotel which has a really fun vibe. The views are amazing in this place.


I hope you can also go to this amazing places!

Bernardo Chavez Peon (Study Abroad Communications Ambassador, Autumn 2018)


Universidad Iberoamericana Ciudad de México

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