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@UTSStudyabroad photo competition announcement

Thanks to everyone who participated in the first ever UTS study abroad photo contest!


Congratulations to @isaacsolisr for being the winner this time! The picture and the caption were both amazing! The prize was a dinner cruise for two during VIVID!

Here the caption:

"The complexity of the path we take is what make our lives so unique. The path in life becomes complicated as it goes on, it takes sudden turns and takes us to unexpected places. There are times when you feel that you are up and moments when everything seems to go down, but it is in this journey where you can experience the most amazing things of life and is what in the end makes everything worth it. These paths are the ones that have unexpectedly brought me to Sydney and made me live a part of my life that I could not have imagined 3 months ago, and as this journey continues I can only keep asking to myself, where is this path taking me next?"

Special thanks to the top 9 most liked photos, thanks for participating!


Special thanks to all the participants on the contest, we had a lot of participants which was amazing!

It makes us happy to see everyone is having a lot o fun during your time abroad.

Check out all the contest entries here!

Thank you!

UTS International team

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