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Mariana in #TakeOverTuesday


Mariana Gómez

Mexico City



My name is Mariana and I’m an Industrial engineering studying in Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City

I decided to study abroad in Sydney because I wanted to live somewhere different from my city, I wanted some place where I could have many things to do in the week and I also wanted to travel around Australia.

As an Industrial engineering student I’m having an amazing experience with my studies. I am doing 3 subjects which are all surprisingly interesting. I have to confess that I was really nervous when I read the names of the subjects I was doing, their long names sounded sooo complicated. (Marketing foundations, Innovation and entrepreneurship, Business strategy and scenario planning transitional management).

I also love the amazing lecture rooms where I have my classes, they are so well equipped with lots of space and chairs, the sound, everything is just perfect.

About Sydney, the thing that I like the most is that there are beautiful parks everywhere. Hundreds of beaches to relax and amazing views. I love that there’s always something different to do in this city.

My favourite part of the semester was travelling with my roomies, We went to the east coast which was super fun and the places were amazing, I also went to Melbourne with them and my favourite one was New Zealand beacuase of the postal worthy views, the glacier, the roads and the camping experience.

I’m currently feeling nostalgic because I’ll return home in about a month. I could stay here forever. I’ve made so many memories, friends and I have learnt a lot from all aspects.

Thank you for reading!


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