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Maria in #TakeOverTuesday


Maria Lachica

Mexico City


Hi everyone!

My name is Maria Lachica and this #takeovertuesday I’m sharing my experience while studying abroad.

First of all I want to introduce myself. I’m an industrial engineering student from Mexico City and I came to study abroad to Sydney because I wanted to experience living away from my family for a while and I wanted to travel around Australia.

When I arrived in Sydney I couldn’t believe how beautiful the city was, I wanted to go everywhere around!

As a student I am loving my subjects at UTS, I love how different it is from my uni back home in a good way. In Mexico almost all of my classmates are Mexicans so everyone has in some way the same ideas and similar thinking. In here it’s full of students from all around the world so it’s interesting to speak in class and having conversations and share different knowledge.

My favourite part of Sydney is walking around all the different parks, going to Manly beach and going to every place that has a view of the opera house. I guess I’m’ just in love with it.

My favourite part of the semester was when I travelled to New Zealand on the break, I couldn’t believe the views, I went camping with my friends and I can say I had the best time of my life.

I also did bungee jumping which was definitely the best part of my trip.

Thank you for reading! I hope you all are having a great time too!


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