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Figure Eight Pools

WARNING: The Figure Eight Pools are beautiful but can also be very dangerous in the wrong conditions. Figure Eight Pools is located on a dangerous rock platform in Sydney's Royal National Park. Don't risk it - plan your trip using this information. Also review the Safety Checklist before considering a visit and check out any local alerts and warnings.


So this post is about a day trip that didn't go as planned. We had a little accident.........

I was having a perfect Saturday in the Royal National Park. I went on a day trip to the Figure Eight Pools with my friends and we didn't realise what could go wrong in that peaceful place.

We woke up early to start our trip by 7 am, we drove for about an hour and a half to the Royal National Park and started hiking all the way to the famous Figure Eight Pools.

We parked our car and saw a small announcement claiming that the pools could be very dangerous in certain days. Of course we didn't take the warning very seriously and started our journey.

We hiked for about 2 hours and I saw some incredible views which you can see on the photos. The day was great! It was hot so we could also relax on the beach when needed. So far, it was a really good day for all of us.

We crossed mountains, beaches, rocks and trees to get to the pools and finally arrived. I saw the clear blue and perfectly round pools calling me to go for a swim. The day was hot so we decided to take some photos and then swim around and spend some time in there. Just after we finished taking some photos we got inside the pools.

About 15 minutes later a small wave brought a little bit of water to the pools. We didn't worry a lot but we got out of the pools to walk away to a safer place. Literally 10 seconds later we saw a giant wave coming in our direction. But there was not enough time to get out of the pools. One second later absolutely every person in the rock platform was struck into the floor by the wave and swimming for our lives!

Once the wave had pulled back, everyone started shouting for help because we were all injured. It was a total chaos!

I started walking back but saw my left foot was completely covered in blood. There were two really deep cuts in on the sole of my foot. It took me a while to feel the pain, maybe because of the adrenaline I was feeling! I really couldn't walk for 2 hours to get into my car and was so worried!

Thankfully the Lifesavers at a nearby beach offered to take me closer to my car in a small boat and the paramedics helped me clean my cuts and gave me some directions to keep it clean.

From my experience I would ask to that if you want to go there check here to see if it is safe to go. It can be really dangerous if you are not careful enough!


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