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My exchange life

Student Name: U KIN LOK

Course of Study: Exchange Undergraduate

Country: Macau

Home University: University of Macau


O Days in UTS

In my opinion, the most impressive orientation activity in UTS was Paper Planes competition. It consists on folding a paper plane, throwing it and the one that flies the longest wins! I had so much fun!. People fold so many kinds of paper planes, some of them like the tube, some of them like a regular paper planes. As I like paper planes so much, it was a great way to talk and share knowledge with others.

Travelling with my new friends

Just after I arrived in Sydney, I made two new friends, Joey and Sam. Thanks to Joey we can go to the best beaches around because he can drive us there!

We took a walk at the beach, the sand was so smooth and the sea water was so refreshing. After that, we walked around and took some photos of the beautiful views. After that, Joey drove us to a place near Sydney Opera house called Luna park, we spent the night looking at the colourful lights! It was beautiful!

The thing I liked the most was that I was laying on the grass and I was able to count the stars. As I was living in a fully developed city, walking on smooth sand and laying on grass is what I dreamed. My dream came true.

UTS lecture style

The biggest difference between UTS and University of Macau (which is my home university) is the way students sit. On my lectures here at UTS we usually sit on a circle, which is very good for us to discuss and make questions we have rather than just sitting there and listening to the lectureer. That makes the lecture way easier to understand.

Meeting with new friends

My friends and I went to meet the kangaroos in a place called Morisset park at the Easter break. We arrived at noon and there were no kangaroos, but many people who also came there to see the kangaroos. After talking with other people, we found out kangaroos rest at noon and come out at afternoon for food. They like bananas and carrots. Finally, We found them and took some pictures with them. Kangaroos are very cure. I was happy to meet them!

This is the best learning experience, I am excited for what is coming soon.


What do you think of U's story? Would you give him some activity recomendations and tips? let him know in the comments below!

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