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Great Time in Sydney

Name: Chi Fai Lao

Course of Study: Exchange Undergraduate

Country: Macau

Home University: University of Macau


On the 29th of March, I visited a lot of places in Sydney! The weather was so good and I decided to take a trip with my housemate and two friends from Macau.

The first spot I reached was Palm Beach. It took around half an hour to get there from UTS by car. Once I got there, I was WOWed by the view! I made a good choice to study in Australia!

We walked along the lane to Barren joey Head Lighthouse, ate some food and enjoyed the beautiful view.

After the break, we went to another spot in Palm Beach.

The sea was blue and pleasant. We took off our shoes and walked along the sea.

We spent around three hours in Palm Beach. Afterwards, we picked up our stuff to go to the next place…..

This time we went for a walk from Shelly Beach to Manly Beach (Yes, beach again!!).

During the walk, we slowed down to enjoy the good weather and relaxed vibe. After reaching Manly Beach, we spent around one hour to enjoy the wind and sunshine. Also, we had some snacks and chilled on the sand.

We then moved to Beach Street and found a place to watch the sunset.

It wasn't time to go home yet so we decided to move to the next destination: Blue Point.

At Blue Point, we enjoyed the view of the Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge and Luna Park. This is also a great spot to lay down on the grass to watch the stars. Sounds good, doesn't it?

This day will be a great memory that I will remember for the rest of my life. Unfortunately, time flies when you're having fun! However, this is just the beginning of my adventures in Sydney.

Have a look at my pictures below and hopefully you can enjoy these beautiful views soon!

#love Australia

#love Sydney

#love UTS


What do you think of Chi's experience?

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