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Pablo in #TakeoverTuesday

Hey guys!

This week our study abroad student Pablo Coindreau is sharing his experience as a UTS student!


Pablo Coindreau

Mexico City

Universidad Anahuac Norte


Hi everyone!

My name is Pablo and I'm from Mexico City, my home university is Univerisdad Anahuac Norte. I study Finance and I came to Sydney to do a semester abroad in UTS. This #takeovertuesday I was chosen to share my favourite experiences around Sydney!

First of all I want to talk about my experience in UTS. My favourite part of studying here is that I got to meet people from so many different parts of the world, I also get to learn new things from people who think very different than me and also have different cultures. I find that the most interesting part of studying abroad in a city so far away from mine.

In the first weeks I was a little bit nervous, the system is different from my home university but in so many good ways. The teachers are so nice and the courses very interesting. I couldn’t be happier to learn things from so many different point of views!

I wanted to study in Sydney because I heard so many good things from friends that came here years ago, they returned so happy that I really wanted to witness why!

The best part of it is that now I'm confirming why. Absolutely every activity I do around this place turns out to be an awesome experience!

The fact that I can be studying in such a good university and at the same time have lots of fun things to do in the same day makes me a very very very happy student.

My favourite activity in Sydney is having a run in a coastal walk and finish relaxing in the beach and maybe have a swim in the ocean, I know there are so many other fun things to do around here than going for a run but it just makes me so happy! I also enjoy going to the city to spend the day, walking around the parks, having lunch in great places with great views, great food and good vibes makes me want to stay here forever!

Thanks @UTSstudyabroad for letting me share my experience this #takeovertuesday !


Take a look to this week's #TakeoverTuesday on our @UTSstudyabroad Instagram account! Don't forget to share your thoughts in the comments section below! Contact me here if you want to share your experience too!

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