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Sydney Harbour Bridge and Luna Park

Hey guys! Here's another full day activity to spend your free days!


Since I woke up I knew it was going to be a great day, the sun was out and it was hot outside so I decided to go to the city to spend the day. I was walking around and saw the Sydney Harbour Bridge that I've been contemplating every time I see it since I arrived, It is so monumental and impressive that you can't just walk past it and don't admire it.

At the other side of the bridge I saw some bright & colourful lights that called my attention, It was "Luna Park", an amusement park that sits just below the end of the bridge, so I decided to cross it to see what was going on there.

To get to the entrance of the bridge we needed to walk around "The Rocks", which is a historic area of Sydney's city centre. It has lots of restaurants, boutique shops and art galleries, if you go on the weekends you'll see the market and maybe you can buy something!

When we finished walking around the area like authentic tourists, we started our journey. As we crossed the bridge the only thing I could think of was how detailed the bridge is, it is a total masterpiece, like a work of art.

As I walked I saw the inside of the bridge trough so many different angles, the structure is as amazing as the view.

The view couldn't be better, the opera house in the back, a cruise ship resting on the quay and of course the orange light of the sunset being reflected in every building.

When we finished crossing the bridge our day was not over, we still had to go to Luna Park. The entrance looks even better as you get closer, It is like entering inside a retro movie stage, everything has colour light bulbs flashing, popcorn stands, ice cream, candy and everything you can imagine.

The games are not the best in the world as it is a small park but they were still very fun! It was totally worth it to enter the park just to see the place and take photos! My favourite one was the haunted house where my friend screamed more than any little kid that has ever been inside it, I couldn't stop laughing when we got out!

The whole day was definitely a day to remember!


Have you been there? What was your favourite game? Tell us in the comments section bellow!

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