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My First Days in The Other Side of The World

Being in the other side of the world means a lot of things will be different than in your home country. Or at least for me!

There were a few thing that I thought I knew that were going to be different but being here made me change my mind.

At first I thought every animal and plant had an evil plan to kill me, I was always so aware that If I saw a bug/spider/fly/bee or whatever it would be so big and mean and aggressive and it would actually want to kill me as a life goal... but no, don't worry about it I have only seen 12 spiders the size of a dog so it's going to be okay.

The other thing that is very different from where I live (Mexico) is that everyone drives the wrong way! or do we drive the wrong way? I guess we will never know... but the point is, my odds of getting hit by a car are considerably more than a month ago. (You'll need to get used to look at both sides when crossing the streets if you want to get out of here alive!)

Also, the first time I went out to get lunch I arrived at a restaurant and stood in the line. As soon as I reached the cashier, I ordered the fish and chips I had been craving for years, then I payed. The cashier gave me a stick in return with the number 12 on the top. (I didn't have a clue of what the stick was for!) I found myself standing there for around two minutes and then realised I needed to take the number to my table (because everyone else was doing that!).

Then I waited for a while without knowing if someone was going to shout "Twelve!!!!" or if a big red number "12" was going to appear on the screens for me to pick up my food or if someone was going to bring it to the table for me. Thankfully the waiter brought me my delicious beer battered fish and chips and I can tell they are the best I've ever had.

Aside from that, the other side of the world is not that different, everyone here is so nice and fun! Getting to know the little differences has been a great way of learning new things! Living in a different part of the world is definitely a very good experience, Never lose an opportunity to travel as it is one of the best ways to learn about the world.

P.S: Don't worry. I haven't seen any dog sized spiders around.

Bernardo Chavez Peon (Study Abroad Communications Ambassador, Autumn 2017)


Universidad Iberoamericana Ciudad de México


Tell us about your experience in the other side of the world in the comments section below!

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