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3 Full Day Activities to Spend the Weekend on Sydney

Hey guys!

Here's a list of activities for you to enjoy your weekend without spending too much!

BBQ in Shelly Beach

(You can also click here to find your nearest free BBQ location!)

This tiny beach is perfect to spend the whole day. The best way to take full advantage of this beach is to plan how you're going to get there the day before! I went there with a group of friends and it took us a looong time to get there because we didn't plan!

But just as we arrived we knew it was going to be a great day, the beach was almost empty for us to enjoy! We were swimming and surfing all day, and whenever I felt like having a break I just needed to lay in the sand to soak up some sun.

Just as we got hungry we walked a few meters away from the beach to the free BBQ and made some burgers while enjoying good music and of course a million dollar view! Sounds good huh?

Bondi to Coogee Walk

This is by far one of my favourite activities around Sydney, it basically consists on 6 km of the best views you can imagine.

The walk takes about 2 hours to complete so make sure to bring comfortable shoes, sunscreen and plenty of water!

I started walking around Bondi Beach by 11 am, I walked all the way to the Iceberg Pools (Which are awesome) and continued walking through the path, there's almost no way to get lost, there are lots of signs so don't worry.

My favourite part of the walk is the cliff just between Bondi and Tamarama, it is sooo tall and you can even walk all the way down to where the waves hit to get refreshed.

Just when you walk past Tamarama beach you'll find the Waverley Cemetery which is the most scenic burial ground in the world.

As I was walking I saw Gordon's bay, which in my opinion is the best beach to have a relaxing swim because it doesn't have big waves at all!

Finally I arrived on Coogee of course very hungry but that wasn't a problem because there are cafes, restaurants and pubs serving delicious food and cool drinks!

Mrs. Macquarie's chair

If you want to see the best view of The Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge you should totally go to Mrs. Macquarie's chair (Which is an exposed sandstone rock cut into the shape of a bench on a peninsula in Sydney Harbour. It was hand carved by convicts from sandstone in 1810 for Governor Macquarie's wife Elizabeth and the story tells that she used to sit on the rock and watch for ships from Great Britain sailing into the harbour. She was known to visit the area and sit enjoying the panoramic views of the harbour.) So go ahead and witness why she loved that spot!

I went there with a group of friends and started walking somewhere on CBD. We walked all the way to the Opera House and of course snapped some insta-worthy photos.

We continued walking all around the Royal botanical gardens (Which are impressive) and did a delicious picnic in the park!

As soon as the sun was setting down we started walking to Mrs Macquarie's chair and witnessed the best view in town.

I'm sure that if you go you'll remember this quote dedicated to the Opera House forever:

"The sun didn’t know how beautiful her light was, until she saw it reflected on this building."-Louis Kahn


Have you done this activities yet? Let me know if you have more suggestions for full day activities on the comments below!

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