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The Experience 3


Here you have even more Study Abroad and Exchange experiences at UTS!


Hua Han

International Studies

Home country: China

University: Huazhong University of Science and Technology

"These subjects gave me a precious chance to get to know deeper about Australian culture."

What is your name, what is your home university and country? My family name is Han and given name is Hua. My home university is Huazhong University of Science and Technology which is located in the middle of China.

Why did you choose Australia/Sydney? 1. There was an exchange programme between UTS and my home university and tuition was free. 2. I have dreamed to go abroad for years. 3. Sydney is one of the most modern and beautiful cities in the world. Not to mention the unique sightseeing and culture features of Australia. 4. The education in Australia is quite attractive to me. Most importantly, my major in UTS has a great reputation. I checked this on the internet before.

What do you like most about Sydney/Australia? Sydney continues to surprise me the longer I live here. It's hard to say what I like most in Sydney/Australia because there is always something better happening. Here are a few:

  1. I love UTS, including teachers, staff of international office, my classmates and friends. All kinds of interesting activities like Network Cafe, The Last Supper, gave me a great opportunity to improve my English and meet new friends.

  2. The breathtaking scenery in Australia gives me inspiration about life and lets me reflect on my previous life in China.

  3. Coles is my favourite supermarket. I love to spend some time in there because there are lots of fantastic goods are just fresh and new to me.

  4. People read books all the time and everywhere. On the bus, on the lawn, under the sunshine. I admire them.

List three factors that convinced you to go come to Australia.

  1. Superior education system.

  2. Unique culture and peaceful surroundings.

  3. Multicultural environment.

What is unique about studying in an Australian university? Compared with my home university, I think study in UTS is more active and flexible. Lots of presentations lets me not only learn but also output (information). Plenty of reading before finishing an assignment encourages us to think deeper. The Harvard Referencing System makes our essays more professional and academic.

How has studying Australian Language and culture subjects benefited you? To be honest, it's far more than just subjects. The reason why I learn it is because my IELTS was not enough for my major study. At first I was not happy about it, however, now that I have studied Australian Language and Culture, I am grateful about the arrangement. Up to now, I've finished one semester and the result is that my English has improved a lot and I've known many friends from other countries.

From my point of view, it doesn't matter how much specific knowledge I've learned during this period, but how my horizon improved is really important. These subjects gave me a precious chance to get to know deeper about Australian culture. In addition, microteaching (less than 12 students in a class) made us more energetic and involved in the classes.

How do you spend your spare time, whilst not in the classroom? Generally speaking, I go to library in the weekends. I just like the atmosphere in there. By the way, the library in UTS is great.

Sometimes I hang out with friends. Parties, barbecues, beaches and swimming. Sometimes as my best friend is in Canberra, so I go to Canberra some times.

In what ways has coming to Australia benefited your degree/ your life? Through a series of culture shock, I began to aware of the importance of critical thinking. At the same time, I understand I needed more room to communicate with others who hold a different, even opposite point of views from me. In addition, I've learned how to reflect myself in a proper way. Previous in my life, I was a little bit blind about my life and everything. I just did what others told me to do and tried to satisfy expectations from others.

Since I came here, all kinds of things contribute to discovering more about myself and understand the meaning of life. It's really difficult to use words to describe this kind of feeling to others who have never been through these. Anyway, I appreciate everything in Australia.

Do you have any advice for other students who may be planning to go on Study Abroad or Exchange to UTS? At the beginning, it might be a little bit uncomfortable because the huge difference in culture. What you can do is just adjust yourself and try to be tolerant to others just like they did to you. Maybe after some time, you may find out that it is not a right or wrong question, but different ways of thinking. Don't waste time.

Maybe teachers are not as strict as your teachers in your home university, but you still need to finish all your assignments attentively. By the way, individual study is essential in here.

I believe experience is the most important thing to an exchange student because every experience is a big fortune in life.


Federica Gasparini


Home country: Italy

University: Università di Bologna, Facoltà di Scienze Politiche “Roberto Ruffilli”

"The university facilities are very good and the teachers are always willing to help you. "

What type of student are you and how long are you here for? I was an exchange student for one semester.

Where are you studying at UTS? I studied with the Faculty of Communications and International Relations. Major in International Relations and Diplomatic Affairs.

What do you enjoy most about your studies at UTS, and why? The university facilities are very good and the teachers are always willing to help you. Also, there are many activities to do.

What methods of teaching in your course do you think works well, and why? I think group work is a good way of working because it makes you learn how to deal with other people.

What skills do you think you’re developing that will help you find a job after you graduate? My English skills for sure and also the skill to adapt to a different social and cultural background.

Have you met or worked with anyone at UTS that you think has improved your experience here? My internship with ACIJ has improved my experience here.

Did you find it easy to settle into Sydney and at UTS? I think settling into Sydney and UTS is very easy, especially because of its international environment.

Overall, how would you describe your experiences at UTS? My experience has been good and complete. I discovered not only a different type of education but also a different way of living. I think 6 months is probably too short but is still enough to get to know the way of living and working here. Sydney is a great city because it offers you everything you need and you have great choice in every field: social, cultural and educational.


Feel free to share your experience and thoughts in the comments seccion below!

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