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The Experience 2

Hey guys!

Keep reading to find out even more on what other students have to say about their Study Abroad and Exchange experience at UTS!


Sandra Hedin

Bachelor of Business

Home country: Sweden

University: Linköping University in the south of Sweden

"I’m here as an international student studying Human Resource subjects for one semester"

What degree are you studying at UTS? I’m here as an international student studying Human Resource subjects for one semester.

Why did you choose UTS? UTS was a partner university, so it was easy and available for me to come over here. Then when I started to look closer, I realised UTS had many subjects that I wanted and needed to study. When I compared to other universities like Sydney, they didn’t really have the HR subjects that I wanted.

Before deciding to come here, I actually came to Sydney for a short visit. I made one day of just going to UTS to check it out. I walked into the school and thought it looked pretty cool. I liked the atmosphere. I also asked some of my friends, and they recommended it as one of the best schools in Sydney, so that’s when I decided I would like to come here.

Was it easy to settle into living in Sydney and studying at UTS? Orientation was really good. To be honest, the people I am hanging out with now are only the ones I met during Orientation. So it was really good to get to know people then. It felt like UTS put much effort and maybe money and time into organising everything. It felt really well thought through, and I think everyone appreciated it. I went to all the events, I know that many people didn’t go to all the seminars and events, but I thought I might as well since I was here. I liked loads of it.

I liked the faculty welcomes when you actually got to meet the ones that you might see. They had some very nice coffee and fruit; it just felt like a good meeting really. The social organisations like UTS ESAC and Ultimate Frisbee also introduced themselves at the welcomes. When they came into the faculty meeting and stood in front of everyone, that was really good, and you got a look at them.

What did you enjoy about your course and why? I did four subjects. I liked the teachers, I think they were very educated, they were good presenters, and I think they had interested theories, and they encouraged participation, so I think that was definitely a benefit. Overall I was very happy with what I had.

Have you used any of the support services at UTS? I went for the first time to the centre for English language support the other week for my individual assignments, and I was surprised at how great it was. I was expecting for them to check the grammar, but they were very very thorough and went beyond that. I had this lady who was so good; she was very strict and pushed the academic standard. I almost wished that all the students thought about using this.

What programs have helped you to make the most of your time at UTS? I went the Network Café a few times. I love the fact that there were many locals, not only internationals. They were all friendly, open minded. I also joined the club ESAC and went to a few events. I thought they were really good. In the end I had so many events happening I had to say no!

Do you have any advice for other students who may be planning to go on Study Abroad or Exchange to UTS? The semester passes so quickly, so if you want to do something, make sure to start thinking about it early, otherwise time will fly by!


Buehlmann Serge

Master of Science

Home country: Switzerland

"This is, without a doubt, the best experience of my studies."

What type of student are you and how long are you here for? I am an exchange student from the University of Lausanne. I have been here since last July and will stay here two semesters.

Where are you studying at UTS, and how does it compare to your home university? I study at the Faculty of Science. This past semester, I took only two classes but at the same time I had my research project to finish for my Master. I never studied at the UTS Library because it is difficult to find free place if you do not go there early in the morning. I studied sometimes in my faculty building. I think that UTS provides a lot of options (at least more than my home university) and it is very easy to study alone or with your friends. It is also relatively easy to find a computer lab or other room to study efficiently in.

What do you enjoy most about your studies at UTS, and why? I really enjoy discovering how another university works. I already spent four years at my home university and found that my student life was a bit boring. Consequently, I decided to go on exchange. I like having classes with new teachers, meeting new students, and having lessons and thoughts that are sometimes different. I really enjoy discovering new buildings and laboratories. I also appreciate the concept of having UTS in the middle of the city, very close to so many things and places. Near UTS, there are always so many things to do.

What methods of teaching in your course do you think works well, and why? I think it is very important not to only have theoretical lessons. I am the kind of student that is quickly bored in a class. I can learn a lecture by myself and do not really need somebody else to read it to me. I think it is important to be practical. For my first subject, I had 4 hours of lab work each week and this was a very efficient way to illustrate the concepts studied in class.

You can work and really think about what you are doing. Moreover, it is a good way to get more experience. For my other subject, the teacher was a smart guy and really helped us to practise what we learnt. It was a class of law for forensic experts and we did some mock trials. It was very interesting and definitely a good way to use our new knowledge and skills. I think it is not very easy to remember the things that we hear but it is easier to remember the things that we do.

Is there a particular technology or facility that you believe really improves your learning experience? I do not think so. However, I really appreciate the fact that the contact between teachers and students is easy and accessible. At my home university, it is probably more formal and it is not really common to talk with your teacher (unless if you have very specific questions or if you work with them for a project, etc).

What skills do you think you’re developing that will help you find a job after you graduate? I decided to come to Australia for many reasons but specially in order to improve my language skills. It is very easy for me to talk in public or to present a topic in front of an audience in my native language but it is different with English. I wanted to show on my future resume that I am able to speak English fluently and that I am able to adapt to a new place and new conditions. I think that flexibility is very important. Moreover, being in a foreign country opens your mind and gives you so many benefits.

Have you met or worked with anyone at UTS that you think has improved your experience here? I sometimes worked with my supervisor for my project. She is a very nice person and is always very motivated. Sometimes I am a bit worried because of the many difficulties that often happen but she remains positive. I have learnt from her to be maybe more enthusiastic even when problems occur. It is also a very good example to see how she works and organises her tasks.

Did you find it easy to settle into Sydney and at UTS? At the beginning, you may wonder: How will I do it? Who will be my friends? What is it going to happen? But everything comes so quickly. I meet so many new people in my class, during Orientation Week, at my out of school activities and where I live. I did not even realise that within a few weeks, my life had become very busy with everything I had or wanted to do. I hang out a lot with these friends and we do a lot of fun activities. I met my best friend where I live and where I go to church on Sundays.

I think the most difficult part is to find where you want to live. Then, when you have your place, everything is easy and you do not really care about the other things. UTS is quite big and sometimes it may be difficult to find a place or a room. But I learnt relatively easily where the main things are that I need to use or places where I need to go. I think it is very important to take advantage of Orientation Week to discover the university, the city, and your new home and area. Then when the semester starts, you do not have to worry about those kinds of things.

Overall, how would you describe your experiences at UTS? This is, without a doubt, the best experience of my studies. I will never regret having decided to come here to spend one year of my studies and life. Most things are different and new but they are also interesting and sometimes fascinating. Two months after I came here, I was lying on my bed and I thought, “gosh, it’s gonna be hard to leave and go back to Switzerland in June!”


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