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Socialise over Food (and some of it free!)

A guide for the always hungry UTS student


Skipped breakfast at home to rush to class?

The UTS Student Association organises the free Bluebird Brekkie Bar, a sustainable pop-up cafe made by students for students. Meet your friends, or make some new ones, over free muesli, fresh fruit, natural yoghurt, fresh sourdough with avocado and spreads, juice, and fair-trade tea and coffee.

Tuesdays 8:30am - 11am Haymarkets Moot Courtyard

Wednesdays 8:30am - 11am Tower Building Foyer

Coffee Break

Need some incentive to get you through to mid-week Hump Day?

Come join Network Café! Run by Community Connections, is a diverse group with a shared interest in making friends and building networks, building cultural bridges and just learning about life as a student at UTS.

Network Café starts Tuesday 14 March and runs every Tuesday during session till 30 May. Drop by the Cornerstone Café between 4-5pm and enjoy some good company and your caffeine hit!


Studied so hard you haven’t had time to but groceries for dinner?

The UTS Student Association organises the free Night Owl Noodle Bar sustainable pop-up noodle made by students for students. Come savour free noodle soup topped with fresh veg and tofu – and with soups specially prepared by recently settled asylum seekers and refugees, through our social enterprise catering friends at Parliament on King. Whether it’s Vietnamese Phở or Burmese coconut chicken, you’re in for a healthy, delicious and neuron-firing treat.

Thursdays 5pm – 7:30pm Tower Building Foyer


Have you been in these amazing places to eat have a snack? Let us know in the comments below!

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